Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Passion of Cooking

By the way, anyone has seen the movie "Passion of christ", well I did...not so much due to the much of the huu haa made by the media, but really out of curiousity....anything made with a budget of much less than 100 mil USD and gross close to 300 mil USD (in US alone) worth checking out isn't it. Probably I can share what the movie was all about and the controversy that surrounds it my other posting (by the way besides being a cooking husband....I am a movie buff as well....my dear wife can vouch for this statement).

Ok let us get back to the actual stuff that I intend to write in the 1st place. I am sure that what I am about to say happens to all of us...sometime when we eat out at a place, regardless whether it is a posh restaurant or just a mamak stall besides the road, just when we are anxiously about to tuck in and when the food touches the tounge the result was somewhat anti-climax. Bland, dull, dry, too salty or just any negative adjective that can describe the food.

Why such things happen, despite the food being prepared by a person who does nothing throughout the day and years but cooking....logically, he/she should have perfected the art and not otherwise.

I think I have a hypotheses (not a theory just yet!), after being cooking for my family for quite some time now....I come to realise that when preparing for food....one has to be in a correct state of mind ..perrgh this is rather philosophical....but it is actually. We have to be clear that we are serving people with our cooking and we need to give them the best. Best is not about quantity or lavishness of the ingredients but rather the overall taste or the eventual result of our cooking...a good result comes for a deep love in what we do...and this applie well in cooking. Without the love, we couldn't be bothered of our cooking result.....if people like it the'll eat it otherwise they won't and this would not affect us if we perceive cooking just another chore or task need to be completed within certain given time...it is merely a contract.

But as a person who cooks for his family, I can't afford to do this, I'll make sure that the food that my household consumes out of my effort is at least the best at that particular time.......and my friends that is what we call "passion".


Anonymous said...

saya selalu bace blog akak sbb saya suka try resepi yg akak selalu tulis.. yesterday i've made applesauce for my 9 month son.. and he loves it so much.. thanks for sharing the recepi.. bile lagi nak tambah recepi for baby.. tak sabar nak try recepi baru lagi nih.. :)

yatipruzz said...

a'aa k.tie, post la resipi baru..idlan suke giler gak applesauce tu...cicah ngan pancake hehe..skang breakfast mkn pancake!

yatipruzz said...

oh lupa plak, akak, husband saye tak kasik guna green apple, dia kata byk asid, tak elok utk brain development...so saye letak red apple+pear

ummi said...

anynomous (am sure this is not your name!), selamat mencuba. i've found a system memasak yang mudah dan menjimatkan. i feel obliged to share with ibu2 yang senasib (bekerja dan kurang masa terluang). new recipe? coming, coming.

yati, okie. okie. sabor yek. acidic? nampaknya kena tukar red apple jugaklah nanti.

yatipruzz said...

husband saye quote ape dr fadzillah kamsah cakapla pasal green apple tuh...tak elok kasi slalu kat budak2 hehe

bila guna red apple tu kan, rasanye tetap masam manis..so still sedap :)