Monday, April 10, 2006

lazy daisy meatball

Category - food for all

We had soupy milidi for Sunday’s night dinner. As a variation, I added meatmeals as one of the ingredients. You can refer to the actual recipe with no meatball which i posted in february2006.

Here goes the recipe ‘LAZY DAISY MEATBALL’
Ingredients: -
Minced meat (I used beef)
Garlic (chopped finely)
Daun sup or celery (chopped finely)
Salt to taste

*Make sure the washed-minced meat is thoroughly strained. If not, susah to gelek it into shape and keep it in that shape!
Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
Dab a bit of oil onto your palm.
Gelek bancuhan bulat-bulat.
Do dab a bit of oil, again inbetween (elakkan meatballs melekat2 dgn each other).

What I did was that I fried the meatballs over medium heat until ¾ cooked. Reduce oil and use the same oil to tumis bawang and whatnots for the soup. When the soup was boiling, I added the meatball.

Iman so loves this, he wouldn’t get down from his high chair until he finished his 2nd serving.

Do also have a peek at FRIED WANTAN. We’ve been snacking on these yesterday. Mdh kononnya nak goreng and bawak masa discussion with his friends Rabu nanti (we had them frozen in the fridge now) tapi taktau lah sempat ke tidak.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long Overdue Recipes: Nasi Ayam


So sorry if I took so long to post the recipe, as my dear wife said...busy laa..need to finish up my MBA assignment.

Ok, the following are the enjoy cooking:

Nasi Ayam Abah's Style

- 1 medium size chicken (under normal circumstances, this can feed 5-6 adults), cut into halves. Remove excess fat and wash through with flour and lime (to remove the smell). Rinse and put aside.
- Get two slices of ginger (say 2 inch each) and 3 big cloves of garlic (smacked).
- For the base soup, put the chicken inside a soup/cooking pot, thrown in the smacked ginger and garlic and pour in generous amount of plain water and simmer for 30 - 45 mins. Along the way, put a dash of coarse salt and ground white pepper. (optional), towards the end, can also put it a cube or two of the chicken stock (or can also use the concentrated chicken stock in liquid form).
- Once the chicken in cooked (use a fork to poke into the chicken flesh), remove the chicken from the soup pot into a strainer and leave it to cool. Get some table salt and smeared it all over the chicken and put it aside.
- At this point the chicken part of the Nasi Ayam is done. Pls note that my version does not require the chicken to be deep fried.
- Ok the Nasi part. Wash rice (how much depends on how many people, normally for 1 medium size chicken, 3-4 pots would suffice) and strain. Ok, we can do this 2 ways, either use the chicken soup (made earlier) to cook the rice, or use plain water but would require some liquid chicken stock. I would normally opt for the 2nd approach (as it is easier). So, pour in some liquid chicken stock (at this point, the water has been poured earlier in the rice cooker along with the rice). Also 2 slices of ginger and 2 cloves of garlic (smacked). A bit of margerine, a dash of sesame oil and table salt, and last but not least the "pandan" leaves for the aromatic smell (all go into the cooker) and press the cooking button.
- For the chilli dipping. Blend together some garlic, ginger, red chilli and sugar. Put in some of the chicken soup for the sauce base. Once done, add in some table salt, and a generous amount of lime juice and give it a good stir.
- For the soy sauce. Mix a good amount of light and thick soy sauce, oyster sauce, ground white pepper and some crushed garlic (or finely chopped garlic). Again use the chicken soup for the base. Lastly, add in some honey to give that sweet tangy taste.
- The chicken is done, the Nasi is also done as well the sauces. So now "makan" time. Ok before we all tuck in, chop the chicken into small portions and arrange them nicely on a plate. Prior to that, slice some cucumbers and tomatoes (can also add in lettuce) and put them along the circumference of the plate. Place the chicken portion in the middle and sprinkle some chopped spring onions and parsley (daun saderi, can also use corriender leaves/daun ketumbar). Last 2 things to do, pour on top of the chicken just a little bit of the chicken soup as well as the soy sauce....and viola the Nasi Ayam Abah's style. (for sample photo of serving, please refer to our earlier posting)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

sweet carrot rice with milk

Category: Baby/toddler food


I’ve been postponing this for too long actually. I’ve been wanting to try out this recipe but it never take off until last night.

Iman, from my observation loves ‘tau foo fah’, especially when he has to fight with kakak to get bigger share. And for me to do it myself is kinda out of question. I know it takes so long to produce. The beans has to be soaked, then bla bla, then bla bla bla. Resorting to pasar malam is a a lot more alluring, I think. Back to Iman. I want to give him something similar, something fulfilling, something sweet yet nutritious. Since ‘tau foo fah’ was out of question at 8.30 last night, I prepared him SWEET CARROT RICE with MILK.

Here goes the recipe....

- cooked rice
- 6 carrot cubes
- milk/formula
- water
- vanilla essence
- sugar

- Add water to carrot cubes in a pan/pot
- Heat up. To expedite the process, cover pan/pot
- Once melt, add cooked-rice and a bit of water (quantity depending on the final consistency you want)
- Let to boil for 5-10 minutes.
- Add a bit of sugar (jgn banyak – not good for your baby/toddler and you as well, nanti dia jadi over-active pulak)
- Add milk/formula (last night I used Iman’s MAMIL – about 3-4 scoops)
- Add drops of vanilla essence
- Stir well
- Let it simmer for another 10 minutes
- Heat off, let to cool
- Ready to eat

As I was trying to get the best angle (ceh, macamlah ‘propeksional’ sangat ambik gambo!), the battery went dead so no gambar eh, sorry!

Selamat mencuba ya!

Monday, April 03, 2006

weekdays noodle

Category: adult food

Who says you need all sorts of things when cooking something that involves blanching and frying in the making? The tips is that, use the same utensil for all procedures.

For example, I want to prepare telur dadar, stir-fry sayur and ikan goreng. First, masak telur dadar. Using the same kuali, masak sayur pulak. Next, you may want to rinse the kuali a bit. Lapkan and panaskan minyak untuk goreng ikan pulak. In the end, you only have ONE kuali to wash. As a working mom, I can’t be cerewet and use different utensil for different type of cooking.

Also, I want to share easy peasy WEEKDAYS NOODLE. It is easy to prepare, and takes a short time also, hence the name. To accommodate the little time we have during weekdays to prepare dinner for our family.

Here goes..

Mee (jenis yang selalu buat wantan mee)
Chicken stock
Bawang kisar
Sesame oil

Put water into a wok and bring to boil.
Add cooking oil.
Drop mee into the boiling water.
Cook until just tender.
Transfer into tapis and rinse.
Add kicap and sesame oil to the mee and gaulkan sampai rata.

Heat frozen chicken stock sampai cair.
Meanwhile, panaskan wok tadi dan masukkan minyak.
Tumis bawang kisar until fragrant.
Add chicken stock, bring to a boil.
Add fishball and tomato.
Add a bit of salt to taste (jangan masin sgt sbb mee dah digaul dengan kicap)

Ambil mee and add the soup, serve immediately (kalau tak mee ti ‘soggy’ dan jadi besar dan lembik). To beautify, garnish with potongan daun bawang dan daun sup.

mee yang digunakan. sebelum kena celur

mee tengah kena celur. kuali tu digunakan utk menumis later

chicken stock (maaf Iman, Ummi ambik seketul), melting

mee yang dah digaul kicap dan minyak bijan

taraaaa.... (takde daun bawang - kehabisan stok!)

nasi ayam day!


oat in green-peas

Category: baby/toddlefood

Satu lagi resepi amat mudah. OAT in GREEN PEAS.

Green-peas cube
Salt/sugar to taste

Heat green-peas sampai cair.
Whisk oat into green-peas mixture.
Add a bit of salt / sugar depending on your baby’s tastebud.
Cook until you get the desired consistency.
Let to cook.
Ready to serve.