Tuesday, February 28, 2006

creamy corn

category: babyfood

that was my husband penning his thought. he's doing most cooking in our household. over the years, he has perfected the art of wantan dumpling, chicken rice, beef noodle to name a few. i must thank my MIL for raising such a wonderful man, whom i am married to. from the tales, he (mdh) was also included in activities pertaining to cooking and cleaning eventho he's the only son. of course he has the privilege of buying comics and a bmx bicycle as compared to his sisters. so, ladies, if you have a son, please teach them cooking and washing and cleaning as well.

so, anyone other than mamafynn try out any recipes here? i know yati and someone anynomous tried applesauce. mamafynn tried soupy milidi and cous-cous right? i humbly hope everyone likes the taste. like i said, the principal to my recipe is SIMPLICITY.

I'm sharing a very simple babyfood recipe here today

Fresh/frozen corn
Brown sugar
Baby formula

- in case of fresh corn, kopek/sagat the kernel.
- in case of frozen corn, soak in water for about 20minutes or until soft
- wash and strain.
- put in a pot then boil until cooked
- let to cool down and blend into desired consistency.
*at this point, sedia untuk dibekukan
- take a portion of blended corn (if frozen, i use 4 cubes for a serving) and heat over slow heat.
- add a bit of brown sugar (optional). stir.
- add 1 or 2 scoops of baby formula. stir.
- ready to serve

creamy corn is in the yellow container. those are my kids' bekal.clockwise from top: assortments of biscuits and small rolls, sunmaid raisins creamy corn and apples+pear cuts. Not only I am an obsessed babyfood cook, i am also a big 'worrier' on 'cukup ke makan anak2 aku kat sekolah nih?'

Passion of Cooking

By the way, anyone has seen the movie "Passion of christ", well I did...not so much due to the much of the huu haa made by the media, but really out of curiousity....anything made with a budget of much less than 100 mil USD and gross close to 300 mil USD (in US alone) worth checking out isn't it. Probably I can share what the movie was all about and the controversy that surrounds it my other posting (by the way besides being a cooking husband....I am a movie buff as well....my dear wife can vouch for this statement).

Ok let us get back to the actual stuff that I intend to write in the 1st place. I am sure that what I am about to say happens to all of us...sometime when we eat out at a place, regardless whether it is a posh restaurant or just a mamak stall besides the road, just when we are anxiously about to tuck in and when the food touches the tounge the result was somewhat anti-climax. Bland, dull, dry, too salty or just any negative adjective that can describe the food.

Why such things happen, despite the food being prepared by a person who does nothing throughout the day and years but cooking....logically, he/she should have perfected the art and not otherwise.

I think I have a hypotheses (not a theory just yet!), after being cooking for my family for quite some time now....I come to realise that when preparing for food....one has to be in a correct state of mind ..perrgh this is rather philosophical....but it is actually. We have to be clear that we are serving people with our cooking and we need to give them the best. Best is not about quantity or lavishness of the ingredients but rather the overall taste or the eventual result of our cooking...a good result comes for a deep love in what we do...and this applie well in cooking. Without the love, we couldn't be bothered of our cooking result.....if people like it the'll eat it otherwise they won't and this would not affect us if we perceive cooking just another chore or task need to be completed within certain given time...it is merely a contract.

But as a person who cooks for his family, I can't afford to do this, I'll make sure that the food that my household consumes out of my effort is at least the best at that particular time.......and my friends that is what we call "passion".

Thursday, February 23, 2006

prawn on toast

category: food for all

This is more of finger-food actually. For light eaters, this can serve you as lunch or dinner. We had this as side to accompany our heavy breakfast. Very easy to make. Even your husband can do this. And in my case, mebbe my husband will remark 'so easy, even my wife can do this'. *silalah baca ayat tersirat*


This, is very much alike to roti-telur except, as the name implies, it has prawns on it. in addition to that, unlike roti-telur, this one is crispy. despite being deep-fried, it is surprisingly not oily.

- roti keping2, cut into 2. nak cun, potong sekali tepi2 tu so only the white part yang nampak
- egg
- cornflour
- salt
- prawns (shelled, devein, cut lengthwise tapi tak putus and pressed a bit to flatten them)

- beat egg lightly
- add courflour
- add a bit of salt to taste
- stir lightly
- take one prawn, celup in egg-mix and pressed onto bread. do sudukan a bit of egg-mix onto bread.
- heat oil
- deep fry
- serve hot

Tips: Use stale bread to make sandwiches (hukum SRT nih)

sexy chicken wings

category: food for all

now that mdh doesnt have to go for classes on weekends anymore (hip hip hurray to that), we decided we can try more new recipes. magazines flipped, books revised. we tried 2 recipes (very-very easy peasy, I must say). we did PRAWN ON TOAST and SEXY CHICKEN WINGS. i'm sharing recipe of SEXY WINGS first.

glistened... sexy.. wuhuhuuu
(they look much sexier 'in person')

6 wings
2-3 garlic - pound finely or simply use garlic-press
ginger - pound finely. you can also put the ginger in.. er... garlic-press as well
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp light soy sauce aka kicap cair
1 tsp kicap pekat (what's its english name ek?)
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp oil (it suggests peanut oil but i used olive oil)
a bit of salt

Step-by -step
- mix all ingredients together
- marinade in a covered bowl for at least 3hrs, preferably overnight
- heat oil (deep frying) in a wok (over low heat)
- lower down wings one by one
- when all 'sesi letupan' berakhir, you can then tuang the kuah in the wok
- cover wok for 5-10 minutes (in between, do flip them over)
- remove cover and fry for another 5 minutes
- serve hot with sweet chilli (tak tau buat, beli jek sos thai)

Tips: when frying something with honey, use low heat as honey camarelises fast.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

soupy milidi

kategori: food for all

my SIL, che de (one of mdh's 5 elder sisters) prepared milidi on fish soup the other day. memang yummy. Iman pun makan semangkuk. it looked like lidi, hence the name (or so i thought at the time). baru-baru ni che de went back to tgg so ummi mintak tolong dia belikan milidi. boring-boring makan mi kuning and bihun, boleh tukar angin makan milidi pulak kan.

she came back last friday, along with the things i ordered. here how it looks like..

sebenarnya namanya mmg milidi. bukan setakat nama manja. now i know..

budu tak boleh tinggal. tapi dia tak terlibat dalam pembuatan soupy milidi ni

halalan toiyibban

saturday morning, sebungkus dah selamat dibuat milidi sup. simple recipe.

Ingredient: -
- sebungkus milidi (celur dalam air mendidih for about 4-5 minutes. then rinse under cool running water)
- garlic (mince finely)
- ginger (mince finely)
- fishball (hiris or wedge)
- tomato
- sawi
- spring onion
- pepper
- sesame oil
- chicken stock (remember my entry abt chicken stock? see.. not onyl your baby can benefit from it..)
- 1 egg (mix with a bit of water)

- heat oil (use olive oil for healthier meal) in a pot
- fry garlic and ginger. bagi hangus skit, baru sedap. tapi janganlah sampai hitam yek.
- add fishball
- add chicken stock and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes
- add sawi
- add salt to taste. can also add pepper powder. add a bit of sesame oil. stir
- add egg-water mixture. stir continuously until egg is cooked
- add tomato and tutup api
- just before serving, add milidi
- garnish with spring onion

and voila, milidi soup

tips: 1. to thicken, a conflour-water mix can be added to soup. stir continuously until thicken.

teaser: my next recipe - SEXY CHICKEN WINGS (tunggguuuu!!!!)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

chicken stock & yummy cous-cous

category: babyfood

suamiku lambat lagi. to kill time, bolehlah share another recipe - chicken stock. the beauty of this is that you can cook many thing at a time. here goes....

Ingredients: -
- 1/2 chicken - besar munya - cut into 2
- 2-3 carrots - potong besar2
- 1-2 sticks of celery - potong besar2
- ginger - chopped
- garlic - chopped

- sweat ginger and garlic. maknanya, tumis tapi jgn sampai kuar kaler kecoklatan
- put in chicken. biarkan for abt 5 minutes
- masukkan air. quantity depending on how much stock you want to make
- bring to a boil over high heat. biarkan for abt 15-20 minutes
- bring down the heat and let it simmer for 1-1.5 hrs
- bila dah sejuk, fish out as follows:
- chicken and celery. debone chicken - blend with celery, freeze
- carrot - blend, freeze
- divide stock into small portions.
Note: the cubes can then be mixed with other ingredients.

Using the above, I made Iman a yummy chicken&carrot cous-cous
(maaf, ada bunyi2 perasan disitu)
yummy cous-cous in the making (gambo di bawah)

oh,.. masih ada masa. suamiku tak abess meeting lagi. boleh bagi resepi cous-cous pulak

- 1 cup cous-cous (this much boleh buat 2 portion)
- 4 chicken cubes
- 4 carrot cubes
- chicken stock

- soak cous-cous in steaming-boiled water for abt 20 minutes.
- rinse. put aside.
- in the meantime, cairkan chicken stock, chicken cubes and carrot cubes in a pan.
- after 100% cair, masukkan cous-cous
- cook until you get the desired consistency
- if your baby likes cheese, boleh campur jugak

senang je, kan?

Of a Cooking Husband

Since my wife has invited me as a contributor the her website, so I thought that of writing this short probably as intro, debut or my opening gambit to my other future postings. Please bear my posting should you find it bland or to constructive....in other words...BOOOORIIIIIINNG... as I am not a good writer as my other half does...

My posting would probably confine to sharing my experience as the person who does most of the cooking (except for baby food, that's my dear wife's department)....and I think it is somewhat a positive trend nowadays where husbands often do the cooking at home helping our beloved wife while they tend to other chores....unlike the time of our fathers or forefathers.

Well, sincerely, I love cooking for my family, and I do it very well too to gain credits from my fussy mom as well as my in-laws. The love started after having to spend 3 years abroad as a student, during time when I can no longer stand the mundane menu of instant noodle and fish and chips...so I resort to cook on my own with a very little kitchen knowledge......and the rest was history.

Oklah, will continue again soon...got to rush now...duty calls

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

iman's all-time-feveret applesauce

category: babyfood

- 8 medium-sized green apples
- 2-3 medium-sized red apples (optional - to 'tone' down rasa masam epal hijau)
- 8-10 ketul dried prunes
- cinnamon powder

- kupas epal and potong into thin wedges.
- put in pan, add prunes
- add water
- add dashes of cinnamon powder
- bring to a boil over high heat and let it boil for 5-10 minutes
- cover pan. bring down the heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes
- let to cool
- puree into desired consistency

tips: boleh mamam without pureing as well. campur ngan bubur nasi also can.

cooked. ready to puree.

kertas kat bawah tu adalah meal-plan Iman week by week. i did warn you im obsessed right.

Monday, February 13, 2006

some basics abt babyfood - my experience

nih kalau iman nampak nih, sure dia kejar sambil jerit NAAKKKK!!! NAKKK!!!

mamafynn-this one goes to you

i have to admit. im quite obsessed with preparing, cooking and feeding my toddling-boy, Iman. im a working mom. going out for work as early as 0650hrs and usually at atfal's (my kids' nursery) doorstep at around 1900hrs. no matter how little time i think i have, i feel obliged to have Iman eat homemade meal tho atfal do have their own. mainly due to the guilt of not breastfeeding him longer than i had planned to.

- batch cook. it may be sometime before you get your own 'system'. rest assured, once you got it, it's gonna be a breeze.
- if you intend to be obsessed as well, get a good stainless steel pan/pot with cover. and wooden ladle. and bekas ice with cover. and freezer bag. and small containers. and most importantly - a blender or food processor.
- get your husband to also master 'system' or at least teach him how to heat up the frozen food. penting maaa.. nanti kot2 tak sihat ke, balik lewat ke, at least he knows what to do.

- cook
- puree
- freeze (up to 6 weeks, so your need to label as well)

bila nak makan
- put in pan, add a bit of boiled water. usually per serving i use 4 cubes.
- put on heat until cair and pipping hot
- can be eaten on its own or add with oats/cous2/porridge

since masa mencemburui, i can only share iman's all-time-favourite applesauce in my next posting. tunggguuuuuuu....

Friday, February 10, 2006

pancakes with strawberry sauce & honey

(kek kuali leper dgn sos stroberi & madu.. heh heh)

Bahan A
  1. 1 cup flour (all-purpose, tapi tepung gandum cap sauh can also lah)
  2. 1 tspoon baking powder
  3. 1 tbspoon sugar
  4. 1/4 tspoon salt
Bahan B
  1. 1 cup milk (opt for low-fat incase you're watching your waistline)
  2. 1 egg
  3. drops of vanilla essence
- mix A
- mix B and whisk
- whisk B into A
- heat a non-stick pan (low heat)
- drop a ladleful of mixed-A-&-B
- cook until bubbles form on top and brown at the bottom
- flip over and cook till both sides are brown

  1. a handful of fresh strawberries. cut into wedges or cubes. separate by 1:1
  2. 1 cup of sugar
  3. 2-3 tbspoon milk
  4. a good dash of cinnamon powder
  5. corn-flour (mixed with a bit of water)
- add 1/2 cup water to sugar.
- add 1/2 of the strawberries
- cook until sugar melt and strawberries tender
- add cinnamon and milk
- add corn-flour to thicken into desired consistency
- turn-off heat. add another 1/2 strawberries

tips: uneaten pancakes can be frozen. simple place in freezer-bag. squeeze out the air and freeze it. to heat back, steam it for abt 10-15 minutes depending on the size.

wait for the following:-

rest assured most are simple.