Wednesday, November 01, 2006

crispy potato wedges

We don't always have nasi berlauk for dinner. Since I got married with mdh, we usually have heavy meals for breakfast and lunch. For dinner we usually settle for something light, except for the kids who at times, out of the blue, mintak nasi goreng. That's why I always have dried mee, mihun in store... just in case.

Mdh did 'Crispy Potato Wedges' last night. (We also had burger from Uncle Ronald). So, if you're hungry but too lazy to cook something complicated or too lazy to hop to the nearest mamak joint, try this..

Potato (preferably medium-sized) - wash clean but leave the skin intact. Cut into wedges.
Tepung goreng ayam (i used Adabi)
Tepung jagung
A bit of oil for mixing
Salt & pepper

Just mix everything except potato. Note that we used oil and not water to mix the ingredients. Mix well while ensuring the texture suitable for coating. Dip the wedges and fry till golden brown.

We had the wedges with batter-fried dory cutlets. Thanks Yang for the wonderful meal.