Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adam's First Solid

Before I start ranting about babyfood, let me introduce you to this little guy, Adam. He was born on 11th May 2009 (on Mother's Day that is), at 3.20am. The fairest and heaviest among his siblings. He was 3.74kg at birth. Previous gynea has warned me about having baby with estimated birth-weight of more that 3.5kg but Allah has other plan for me. Despite his size, this is the shortest and easier labour among the three.

Adam, seconds after birth

To cut the story short, came October, Adam is 5-months old. He was interested seeing others eating long ago, he turned and toss in bed despite nursing every hour. I was excited to feed him solid (excitement that came along with the expectation to buy eating bowl, cute fork and spoon, the bibs and whatnots) But based on my readings and recommendation, I postponed solid until he is 5-months old.

His first solid is Plain Rice Puree
See, I got them lined up real nice for the photo-shoot.
In pom-pom mode somemore (staking on one another)

To ease things up, it is recommended to soak the rice overnight. It will take shorter time to cook. Once cool, blend into fine consistency.

Then try feeding your baby. If he/she rejects, then wait for another 2-3 days. Then introduce back. From what I read, if he/she thrusts his/her tongue out, he/she is simply not ready for solid so.. please keep your excitement at bay (but you can always shop for the cute feeding bowl, fork and spoon, bips and whatnots despite that).

Another thing is that, I always batch-cook. This is something I will blog later. I am a working mom and at the same time a traditional-and-conventional one. I am a strong believer of 'khasiat air tangan'. Especially we mothers'. To strike a balance, I batch cook. It may not appeal to some (I am not saying this is the best method as well, ain't I?) but this is how I do best in feeding my Adam with homemade food.

By the way, I don't have a maid.

As if that matters eh?

*eyes roll*

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