Saturday, December 22, 2007

Agar-agar Telur 'Nnisang Kerek'

Agar-agar Ikan, the kids called it. Much to their delight.

The Kelantanese call these 'Nise' as opposed to orang Terengganu - 'Nnisang'

Terengganu people have this inclination to use 'nnisang kerek' when making porridge - namely Bubur Jagung, Bubur Gandum or even as one of the ingredients when making their Gula Ikang Aye (Gulai Ikan Tongkol) to be eaten with yummy Nasi Dagang. Kinda weird when I refer the Terengganu people as 'they' when I myself have blended (hey, I'm married to a man from there) with them.

I remember asking my FIL to bring along some 'kerek' of that 'nnisang' and, like always, he brought more than I asked for. If I requested for just 3, he'd bring along like 7 or 8. This 'manisan' come in round flat disc, around 1/2 inch thick. For those who happen to have have the experience mandi di telaga, you might know that round cement mould stack onto one another to make a telaga. Those are called 'kerek' in my kampung. So I guess that Nnisang Kerek's kerek, refers to that shape (kot - just my assumption) I still have a few discs in my fridge. The other day, I did agar-agar with that.

1. Dried agar-agar strips - soak 1/2 hour and clean
2. Daun pandan
3. Nnisang kerek
4. Gula pasir
5. Air
6. Telur - beat till stiff

- Cook nnisang kerek in a bit of water until fully dissolve.
- Add water to agar-agar strip and boil till dissolve.
- Add dissolved nnisang kerek (strain through sieve as you do this). Add a bit more of gula pasir if needed. Let to boil a while.
- Add beaten egg and stir until well mixed.
- Strain into mould and leave to cool. Better still, put into fridge.

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