Monday, December 24, 2007

Nasi Minyak Tokmi & Gulai Nasi Minyak

These, were what we had for Eidul Adha.. Although we did not get to go balik either my or Tebby's kampung, this Nasi Minyak & its accompanying gulai, surely brought us back.. tho not physically. And I know I accomplish something when Tebby commented 'just like Mi does it'.

I've shared the recipe of Nasi Minyak TokMi here. Last time I did it with Gulai Ala Akhni. This time I made the real Gulai Nasi Minyak. However, as I learned this from my MIL, there's no specific measurement. She simply 'main campak-campak and agak-agak only'. So your judgement is important. But I try to share for about a kg of beef. Here goes the recipe..

1. Meat (I used beef) - Cut into medium sized chunks. Wash and drain.
2. Fried shallot (bawang goreng) - You need quite a lot, for a of beef, you're gonna need about 6-8 tbsp of this. If you're too lazy to do this yourself (like me, but let's call it convenience), you can use the ready-made fried shallot. So far, the best I found is 'Maju Limbat'. Bought it in Pasar Sungei Besi.
3. Rempah Gulai Nasi Minyak - 6-8 tbsp. This, was given by my inlaws. Cap Dayang Suri. I don't know where to get it here. I always got my supply back from Terengganu.
4. Susu pekat manis - 1/2 of small can
5. Susu cair - 1/2 - 3/4 of small can
6. Bawang besar - blend
7. Bawang merah - blend
6 & 7 should come to about 6-8 tbsp
8. Sos tomato - 6-8 tbsp
9. Cili boh - 4-6 tbsp
10. Bawang putih - 2 ulas, hiris
11. Bawang meah - 2 biji, hiris
12. Daun pandan - 2 helai
13. Minyak sapi - 2-3 tbsp MIL advises us to always use BBQ brand
14. Kulit kayu manis, bunga lawang, bunga cengkih, pelaga

- Mix item 1-9 and leave to marinate for 1-2 hours.
- Panaskan minyak sapi.
- Tumis item item 14 hingga naik bau diikuti dengan item 10 - 12.
- Masukkan bahan yang telah diperap.
- Biarkan hingga menggelegak sedikit dan air agak kering.
- Tambah air dan garam dan biarkan mendidih hingga masak. (anggaran masa 45-1.5 jam, baru elok empuk)

This is the rempah btw. It comes in plastic-packaging. I transfered the content into a glass jar and cut off its label and pasted it here. Senang nak refer what else can be done with it!


moQ a said...

salam.hai.beshnye nasik minyak!
nway just drop by to say thank you for the using of our
"rempah dayang suri".

btw,if u can't get it from your inlaws,u can have it from me.insyaAllah.
if u live around shah alam la.sbb saya study cni.

~teruja tgok rempah mak ade dalam tenet hikhik..
~it looks better in the jar nway..

muhammad said... to get the 'rempah dayang suri'?it looks nice.i knew it from my friends and she said it really great, bt donno how to grab it.can you help me?
im always seeking for it for years.. i hope i get it after this..