Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sutong Celok Tepong!

My small family, Tebby in particular, love squid fritter atau nama yang lebih down-to-earth nya sotong celup tepung or better known in Terengganuspeak as sutong celok tepong. Kalau balik Losong, alamatnya mesti saya (irony nya, bukan Tebby) beriya-iya ajak pegi area Seberang Takir or area airport untuk makan all these seafood fritters, squid or sotong or sutong included. Don't be suprise orang sinun makan big fat juicy ikan kembung celup (celop) tepung (tepong) on its own. Sedap. I was wondering jugak awal-awal dulu but once I got to taste the sweet, juicy ikan.. I just have to makan it again and again.


As people say, the ways to your husband's heart is through his stomach (among other things, I must say... hemmmm). So mencuba lah buat the batter supaya crispy but not to flaky or keras or liat. Kadang-kadang jadi.. kadang-kadang terpaksa buang aje sebab memang tak best sangat-sangat. My MIL's version guna a bit of kapur makan. Thing is, she doesn't have the recipe in quantity. Means, how many x to how many y. The composition of x and y is something she learnt through time. Some add egg but to me, it gets all too oily when egg is added.

Pening kan.

Until I found and tried this. I decided to fall in love with it. Senang keje makcik okay. Di jamin sedap.

One thing that is common when making fritters is letupan-letupan minyak especially bila goreng sotong. Here's what I do to minimise the injury, lepas bersihkan, bersihkan, rub in some salt (sikit sajer taww) and tos kan. I usually prepare this in the morning then keep the sotong dalam fridge sampai petang. Then buatlah batter as per instruction kat kotak nun. Dip the sotong by batch and quicly goreng. Jangan biar sotong lama sangat dalam batter else the batter gets watery.. tak sedap. Only gaul a batch enough for sekali goreng. Lepas tu tos kan atas kitchen towel and ready to serve.

En Tebby sangat suka sotong yang ada telur. This time we managed to get a kg of sotong yang semuanya ada telur.

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