Sunday, July 04, 2010

Beef Chop Suey - Ummi's Style

Hari ni cuba resepi Beef Chop Suey from the book Easy Stir-Fry, published by Parragon Books and printed in Indonesia (ha ha semua nak bagitau). This is the first recipe from the book, which I had bought wayyy back in August 2009. Better late than never huh?

Anyway, the original recipe has lotsa ingredients (which I failed to find in Carrefour BTHO) and some are not consumable by muslims like me. So, kenalah adjust here and there and sudahnya Beef Chop Suey, Ummi's style.

Cumanya, I always use my heartfeeling and gerak hati when measuring ingredients for my cooking so that's why takde unit measurement ya. Sorry, kena agak-agak je lah kalau nak try out.

For marinate
1. Pepper
2. Salt
3. Sesame oil
4. Light soy sauce aka kicap cair

1. Beef - cut into small, thin strips
2. Onion - 1 whole bulb. Hiris.
3. Oyster sauce
4. Sweet pea - cut into half

- Marinate beef in marinating ingredients for 2 hours (at least). Keep refrigerate.
- Add some cooking oil and stir fry beef on high heat, making sure to constantly stir so tak hangit.
- Once the beef juice dried up and the meat still 'moist', transfer into a plate.
- Clean your pan/wok and put in some oil.
- Fry onion until it becomes translucent and aromatic.
- Add in sweet pea and if it's necessary add up some water (I did cause the peas I bought agak tua dan keras).
- Add in some oyster sauce and let it simmer it bit.
- Add in the beef and fry for another minute or so.
- Serve hot.

* The original recipe require vegetables under the name - bamboo shoot, water chestnut, broccoli, mushroom and snow peas. I just used sweet peas. I am allergic to broccoli, it gives me flatulence.


y@tipruzz said...

bamboo shoot and water chestnut in BM ape?? macik nama2 english ni cfm fail :p

ummi said...

yati ~ bamboo shoot is rebung, water chestnut ai oso donno its malay name hu hu. Tp kat kedai tang barang2 basah mmg selalu ada.