Sunday, October 08, 2006

Stuffed Grilled Squid

This is a merger of 2 recipe. Adopt and adapt, sort of. The stuffing consist of minced-chicken and minced-beef with garlic and lemon-grass as flavour. Then they were coated with this gravy (gravy A~for the inside). And as smell-enhancer, I added coriander leaves.
(Photo~before-> before marinating process)

So, here goes..
- sotong ~ cabut kepala dan bersihkan bahagian badan. tak perlu potong.
- minced chicken
- minced beef
- garlic
- lemon grass ~ slice thinly
- curry powder
- coriander leaves
- egg
- salt to taste

the stuffing
- pound garlic and lemon grass until fine
- add curry powder
- heat oil in a pan
- sautee until fragrant
- add salt
- add minced chicken and minced beef
- stir until 3/4 cooked
- remove pan from heat, add an egg, stir (do not worry about the egg not cooked through as they will be grilled later)

the squid
- put coriander leave inside the squid
- add the stuffing bit by bit while pushing through so the squid will be well filled
- secure the opening with toothpick
- lay 2 layers of aluminium foil, sprinkle a bit of oil. lay strands of coriander leaves.
- put squid onto the foil
- cover the squids with gravy
- lay some more strands of coriander leaves on top of squid
- cover the foil
- marinade for 1-2 hours
- grill on a pan for 10-15 minutes
- after cooked, leave for a while before cutting
- serve with sauce

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