Tuesday, March 07, 2006

applesauce with apricot

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From my reading, one of the ways to feed your kids successfully or to develop healthy eating habits is by introducing varieties of food from the very beginning. Do watch out for the do’s and don’ts such as timing and the type of food.

I applied that to Iman. So far alhamdulillah, he has wonderful appetite and can accept varieties of food. So far I found he’s allergic to broccoli (he got bloated with angin) and he doesn’t like chunky corn. He’s okay with the creamy type tho. I try my best to avoid repetition in his menu in one particular week.

For me, varieties means ‘mix-and-match’. You know, today you mix a and b, tomorrow a and c and so forth and so on. There’s a place in my kitchen cabinet that I reserve specially for Iman’s food. At any one time, you may find these..
1. Bran/oat
2. Cous cous
3. Rice cereal
4. Grind rice
5. Spaghetti
6. Macaroni

I am sharing another version of applesauce today – APPLESAUCE WITH APRICOT. This is, again very simple. I did say something about mix-and-match right? So here goes

- Medium green apples. Kupas, buang biji and cut into wedges
(Having told by yati, we may now opt for red ones)
- A handful of dried apricot
- Ground cinnamon
- Water

- Soak dried apricot in hot-boiled water in a bowl, for 15-20 minutes
- Put apple-wedges in a pan/pot.
- Add apricot
- Add water
- Add ground cinnamon
- Bring to a boil over high heat. Let it boil for 10 minutes
- Cover pan/pot.
- Reduce heat and let it simmer over low heat for 15-20 minutes.
- Let to cool. Blend into desired consistency
(Can be eaten on its own or add with cereal)

apricot soaking in hot-boiled water

Sunmaid ada jual dried apricot. Gerai2 in shopping complex pun ada jual. You know, yang jual kismis, nougat, all kinds of nuts. I bought a pack for RM10.

This sauce can also serve as pencicah roti. When Iman was small (smaller, since he’s still small anyway!), I used to dilute applesauce by adding boiled-water. Then carik2kan roti and soak overnight in diluted applesauce. By then the roti was soggy and soft enough for him to munch with his gums.


Anonymous said...


boleh tak nanti2 bagi recepi mix & match utk oats.. selalu tak tahu nak mix oats dgn apa...thanks..
oh...by the way.. i definately will try this applesauce with appricot recepi for afif... :)
thank you so much for sharing all your recepi to us.. :)

-mama afif-

ummi said...

mama afif - will do, dont worry. and you're welcome. kalau mama-afif ada resepi pun boleh share ngan ummi yek.

Anonymous said...

erm..recepi mama-afif simple2 je.. lagipun tak byk pun.. ingat nak beli buku yg ummi rekemen tuh gak.. tapi a bit expensive kan.. selalu mama-afif masak bubur nasi+carrot/spinach/celery+chicken/fish/meat..camtuh je.. tak byk variety..

mardhiah12 said...

tgk2 resipi pun terfikir. rajinnya! cause kita selalu tak ada masa plus budget constraint.

auni sekarang ni dah mkn mcm org besar

ummi said...

mardhiah12 - that's why ummi cari cara yang paling menjimatkan masa nak prepare makanan Iman. lagipun Iman so likes it, tu yang jadi motivated tu.

yatipruzz said...

akak, saye gi mph alamanda sumer buku annabel sold out! adussss

ummi said...

yati - uihh.. seme org nak masak tuk anak2 kot?

ibuVouge said...

saya tak beli buku annabel tu tapi selalu pegi website dia
saya pun mcm ummi, mix and match
IV agree dgn ummi, because alya been introduce variaties of food while she start her solid, now..dia boleh consume apa saja.she love vegetable very much..
dulu paksa mkn skang dah love.
thanks ummi..keep on good work

ummi said...

IV - share jugaklah recipes ot tips okay. Iman mmg ada healthy appetite. sampai kekadang over2 pulak. perut dah keras pun masih nak makan jugaaakkkkk...

Anonymous said...

apa website annabel tu yer..
tak jumpa la..

-mama afif-

Anonymous said...

eh dah jumpa..
http://www.cookingforchildren.co.uk kan?

-mama afif-