Wednesday, March 15, 2006

creamy mashed potato

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WOW… lama jugak tak letak apa-apa resepi yek. I’ve been busy and it’s kinda normal at this time of the month. Having finished initial compilation and analysis, I’m back to blogging. Sungguh ketagihhhh!!!

Nope, it’s not recipe to GOODY-GOODY NASI AYAM (yet). It’s a teaser, kind of.

drrooollll yet?

Okay, anyone fancy CREAMY MASHED POTATO?
Here goes…

- Potato
- Butter
- Milk
- Salt

- Peel potato and cut into small wedges/cubes
- Put in a pot. Add water enough to submerge.
- Bring to a boil over high heat for 10 minutes.
- Lower down flame, cover pot and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
- Let to cool.
- Once cool, mash potato into desired consistency. DO NOT BLEND or it will all get starchy (imagine eating gam yang kita beli dalam tiub masa kecik2 dulu, well, the time masa I WAS KECIK to be exact – I am now 32 so, count back okies – I may not be KECIK anymore the time YOU WERE KECIK J)
- Transfer into a pot, add milk and butter (and salt if your baby is over 1yr already tp sikit saja tau)
- Bring to a boil over low heat.
- Cook until it thickens and to your desired consistency.
- Let to cool.
- Ready to eat/freeze

macam ni lah rupanya sebelum ditenggekkan atas dapur untuk kali ke-2

taraaa... dah siap masuk bekas.

Back to GOODY GOODY NASI AYAM, it is, again, my husband’s expertise. Selain mengemas and cleaning up later, I am usually entrusted with blending the sambal (after he carefully put all the ingredients in the blender). Other than that, I am usually incharge of keeping my kids away from the kitchen J. I’m not saying this because he’s my husband but his nasi ayam is SUPERB!!



mama_fynn said...

ummi-yesterday i buat ni..looking fwd for ur recipe actually...susu tu i used susu formula. tak pe ke kalau buat byk and frozenkan. then nak panaskan camane ye?

Kopi Suam said...

yummy yummy yummy....boleh try kalau camni...

ummi said...

mama-fynn - usually ummi guna 2-3 kentang sederhana besar boleh dapat 2-3 serving. Nak panaskan tu, buh dalam periuk, pastu tambah air skit. jerang sampai mendidih.

kopisuam - sila sila.

Anonymous said...

ummi..bile nak update nih.. nak recepi2 lain..hehe

-mama afif-

ummi said...

mama afif - dah updet dah pun.