Thursday, March 02, 2006

cheesy milidi/spaghetti

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If you read yesterday’s entry in
my other blog, you may think I had tuna-mayo sandwich for breakfast this morning. Nope, we did not. Not for breakfast. We had it last night as dinner. I was hoping we could reserve ½ loaf for breakfast but the whole loaf was eaten last night alone. My inlaws wont be surprise with this. Not at all.

I was thinking to share the recipe today. Mdh hasn’t send me the recipe yet. I, well, urghh, just helped him ferry the sandwiches from kitchen’s counter to dining table, apart from helping myself on those. So I didn’t know how he did it. Oh,.. credits for me for helping him boiled some eggs.

I am left with CHEESY MILIDI.

Usually, it is CHEESY SPAGHETTI. So you can substitute MILIDI with spaghetti.

- MILIDI / spaghetti – celur in boiling water(+ a bit of oil) until cooked. Then cut milidi/spag into ½ or 1inch in length (senang nak makan nanti).
- 4 tomato cubes
- 4 chicken cubes
- a slice of cheese

- Put tomato and chicken cubes in a pot.
- Add a bit of water. Cover with lid.
- Heat over low heat until pipping hot.
- Add MILIDI/spaghetti
- Cook until you reach desired consistency
- Add cheese
- Let to cool
- Ready to serve


+ tomato+chicken cubes

= iman's breakfast today


Nero ...... said...

Untung nye anak2 ummi kan dpt ummi rajin masak..saya harap nanti dah ade anak jadi mcm ummi..amin

Anonymous said...

cheese pakai cheese apa..
erm.. ala anak saya gigi baru 2 btg kat depan.. nak mkn spaggeti/macaroni susah la sket kan.....sumer kena blend2... hehe

-mama afif-

ummi said...

nero - aminnn..

mama-afif - brp bulan dah? zaman gigi-2 tu zaman paling cute. ummi guna cheese yang keping2 tu jek.

Anonymous said...

erm.. dah 9 bulan 1/2.. afif nih lambat tumbuh gigi.. budak baya dia dah gigi atas bwh dah..dia baru tumbuh yg 2nd gigi tuh..hehe.. tapi suka benar gigit org..pantang tgk jari kaki org..mesti nak gigit..sabar je la..hehehe..

-mama afif-

ibuVouge said...

never miss ur blog..
IV selalu prepare untuk alya food for bfast and one dishes untuk lunch.since dia start solid lagi.Bila x prepare food , akan rasa bersalah sgt..
blog ummi ni buat IV creative dlm memasak