Thursday, March 30, 2006

milky green-peas

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it's been quite sometimes since i last post anything here. i've been busy and when i was a bit free, i spent my time modifying and touching up my other blog.

For those who follow my other blog, surely by now you know my resolution to reduce our eating-out. firstly and mainly due to cost-saving measure. it happened when our spending pattern changed dramatically when the kids were started to being sent to nursery. from a fixed RM500.00, the cost skyrocketed (over sikit di sini, huh?) to RM700. the figures keep changing, depending on our workload at the office. the equation: more workload = late going back = more overtime. at times, we have to fork out even a four-figures! mainly to cover kakak's playschool fee. now that the petrol price has increased, i can go on membebel for days.

anyway, from cost-saving measure, it has become a habit. but it takes a lot. not monetarily but effort and time. we used to 'ceremoniuously' savor our meal when we had home-cooked meals (sbb once in a blue moon makan kat rumah :-O ). now the table is turned and we treated eating-out as an occasion.

We do, at times having hard time to decide what to cook. Like last weekend, we were wandering aimlessly at tesco, trying to decide what raw to buy. fish? chicken? beef? last2 we resorted to tripe a.k.a perut lembu. like always, the more adventureous cook is mdh so he prepared juicy yummy kerabu perut (translate - tripe salad in lime sauce??) while i tended the ever running kids.

and voila!

drool yet?

other than that, i'm gonna share a baby recipe - milky green pea

Frozen green peas
Fresh milk/formula

- Soak frozen green peas in water until soft.
- Put in a pan, add water and simmer over medium heat for 15-20 minutes.
- Drain. Let to cool.
- Transfer into a blender. Add milk/formula.
- Blend until smooth.
- Transfer to bekas ais and freeze right away.

This, can be added into your baby's porridge.

in the making - reading for blending

By the way, last 2 nights, I prepared the 'gebu'est and sexiest pancake in the history of my pancake making. Even when it turned cold, kegebuannya masih ketara. I used self-raising flour cap MFM instead of my normal routine of 'tepung cap sauh biru'. i was too busy gobbling down to snap gambar. sori... no bahan bukti.


ibuVouge said...

ummi mcm mana kita nak elakkan mknan yg kta frozen tu jadi watery bila defrost
LC agak picky, he don't want to eat watery food
penat la ibu dia nak prepare every morning
currently IV kukus the food.
just introdece LC solid
mcm LA juga, IV introduce dgn vege dulu, then 8/9mo++ baru introduce rice

Ella said...

wah ummi... lama tak jenguk sini mcm2 ado... nti leh amik recepi... tq

ummi said...

ella - boleh. no problem. mmg intentionnya nak share recipe pun :-). tapi semuanya yang simple2 lah, yang mencabar tak ada.

IV - hemm.. frankly, ummi tak tau nak jawab soklan IV tu because ummi tak defrost the food. i heat it up until reached the desired consistency.

::ziLla:: said...

akk..saya pon guna tepung kek naik sendiri utk buat pan-cake..mmg naik gebu ar..

ummi said...

zilla - amat benar. gebu gebu dan gebu!!