Monday, February 13, 2006

some basics abt babyfood - my experience

nih kalau iman nampak nih, sure dia kejar sambil jerit NAAKKKK!!! NAKKK!!!

mamafynn-this one goes to you

i have to admit. im quite obsessed with preparing, cooking and feeding my toddling-boy, Iman. im a working mom. going out for work as early as 0650hrs and usually at atfal's (my kids' nursery) doorstep at around 1900hrs. no matter how little time i think i have, i feel obliged to have Iman eat homemade meal tho atfal do have their own. mainly due to the guilt of not breastfeeding him longer than i had planned to.

- batch cook. it may be sometime before you get your own 'system'. rest assured, once you got it, it's gonna be a breeze.
- if you intend to be obsessed as well, get a good stainless steel pan/pot with cover. and wooden ladle. and bekas ice with cover. and freezer bag. and small containers. and most importantly - a blender or food processor.
- get your husband to also master 'system' or at least teach him how to heat up the frozen food. penting maaa.. nanti kot2 tak sihat ke, balik lewat ke, at least he knows what to do.

- cook
- puree
- freeze (up to 6 weeks, so your need to label as well)

bila nak makan
- put in pan, add a bit of boiled water. usually per serving i use 4 cubes.
- put on heat until cair and pipping hot
- can be eaten on its own or add with oats/cous2/porridge

since masa mencemburui, i can only share iman's all-time-favourite applesauce in my next posting. tunggguuuuuuu....


mama_fynn said...

thank you ummi for making it simple to understand.. i will certainly try to do it..rather than waking up at 5am everyday to prepare blended porridge for haqqeem. Me too would like him to eat homemade food that due to he refuse to breastfeed when he was small. I have to pump my milk into the bottle baru dia nak minum...sedihhhh..dia refuse to breastfeed directly...thank you..i bought those tupperware things also..just to stock up haqqeem food...thanks again...

yatipruzz said...

mama fynn punyer case same like son refused to bf directly, so my confinement period was spent pumping milk, day and nights...

k.tie, tq share recipe iman...mmg teramat useful utk working moms like us :)

ummi said...

bf is ANOTHEERRR STORYYYY *eyes roll slowly*

let's just try to give the best as we possibly can.

mamafynn - WHAT? 5am everyday? i'd be a zombie already! Iman still wakes up once-twice every night for susu.

yatipruzz - my confinement days were spent having him on my lap, 'bergantung' memanjang as if his lifeline was my my brea***. after confinement it was a bit of sour and unpleasant experience. we (me, mdh and kakak) decided Iman has to stop bf for everyone's sake. nanti boleh cite okeh.

yatipruzz said...

u shdnt've another blog for bf story k.tie hehe..

p/s: my day starts at 6am, imagine yourself kelam kabut preparing porridge and soups everyday, having only one stove working some more..hehe haru biru kak! plus bila dia terbgn and sibuk join memasak kat and close the kitc cab, emptying things inside, ketuk2 dustbin macam drum...adus bingit!

ummi said...

yati - aiyokk.. bangun kol 6 sempat lagi masak bubur? hu hu. if i were you maybe i'll be in my kaftan at work later.

bab mengumbah dapur mmg budak2 suka. what i do is, well... just let him be. bagi dia periuk, senduk, sudu, mangkuk, besen. lepas dia boring tung tang sana sini, boleh simpan semula.