Thursday, February 23, 2006

prawn on toast

category: food for all

This is more of finger-food actually. For light eaters, this can serve you as lunch or dinner. We had this as side to accompany our heavy breakfast. Very easy to make. Even your husband can do this. And in my case, mebbe my husband will remark 'so easy, even my wife can do this'. *silalah baca ayat tersirat*


This, is very much alike to roti-telur except, as the name implies, it has prawns on it. in addition to that, unlike roti-telur, this one is crispy. despite being deep-fried, it is surprisingly not oily.

- roti keping2, cut into 2. nak cun, potong sekali tepi2 tu so only the white part yang nampak
- egg
- cornflour
- salt
- prawns (shelled, devein, cut lengthwise tapi tak putus and pressed a bit to flatten them)

- beat egg lightly
- add courflour
- add a bit of salt to taste
- stir lightly
- take one prawn, celup in egg-mix and pressed onto bread. do sudukan a bit of egg-mix onto bread.
- heat oil
- deep fry
- serve hot

Tips: Use stale bread to make sandwiches (hukum SRT nih)


::ziLla:: said...

dah try...sedap gak

ummi said...

zilla - senang gitu kan.

Anonymous said...


roti tuh tak yah celup dlm adunan ke? just sapukan ke atas roti?

ummi said...

anonymous (jadi cam nama lak!) - nak celup pun buleh tapi kena lebihkan telurlah. nak sapu pun buleh. tapi kalau celup senang skit nak ensure udang tak tercabut!

Nero ...... said...

Look yummy le ..nak try le

ummi said...

nero - sila sila.