Sunday, May 07, 2006

chicken chop

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well, we had homemade CHICKEN CHOP meal for dinner last night. fo first-timers, it was quite an accomplishment, i must say. i've always thought preparing western-meal would be difficult. in the case of last night's CHICKEN CHOP, it was an overstatement. it wasn't that hard actually.

i, the official recipe-seacher did the reading-aloud while mdh did the cooking. satisfied with the output, i am sharing the recipe here. recipe is divided into 3 parts (i)chicken (ii)gravy and (iii)accompaniments.

(i) chicken
-chicken legs - debone, cleaned and pat dry. leave the skin intact.
- wochertershire sauce
- salt
- ground pepper
- corn flour

- marinade chicken with wochestreshire sauce, salt, ground pepper for at least 2-3 hrs, preferably overnight.
- coat the chicken with cornflour.
- deep fry until cooked.

(ii) gravy
- 2 tbs butter
- 1 tbs flour
- chicken stock
- tomatoes - seeded, cut into small cubes
- button mushroom - slice
- soy sauce
- salt
- sugar
- kulit kayu manis, bunga cengkih & bunga lawang

- cairkan butter in a pan
- add flour dan masak sampai it turns brownish
- add boiling chicken stock, bring to a boil
- add soy sauce, salt, sugar, kulit kayu manis, bunga cengkih and bungan lawang
- let it simmer for a while
- add tomatoes and mushroom
- simmer for another 5-10 minutes until gravy thickens

(iii) accompaniments

- bunga kubis
- carrot
- potato
- tomato

- cut everything into small pieces
- steam bunga kobis, carrot and potato until tender. sprinkle some rosemary on potato.
- let to cool a bit
- toss with a bit of salt and olive oil
- serve with tomato as well

to serve, place chicken in a plate, pour gravy on it. add accompaniments.


Anonymous said...

akum ummi,
looks yummy recipe nie...nak tny sket rosemary tu utk ape ye...saya try my daughter cam tak suka sgt..rase dia cam pedas2 sket...saya letak dlm sayur campur...maybe tak kena cara masak kot :)

~ummie MK~

ummi said...

rosemary ni ummi selalu bubuh bila buat mashed-potato atau soup2 yang ada tomato. buh sikit je. kalau banyak mmg agak pelik rasa dia.