Saturday, May 06, 2006

fried wantan

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uh, my last post was 10th april2006? i cant believe that myself!

anyway, my posting on babyfood may not be as frequent as before. muhammad iman is already a bubbly 1 1/2 yrs toddling boy. naturally, he began to refused the food i normally feed him - with the exception of applesauce, however. i'm doing lots of running around and wiping up feeding him as he'll be here and there, up and down. for those who wonder how do i maintain a 46kg weight - i have 2 active kids and i dont have a maid PLUS my husband doesnt normally eat rice for dinner. i'll start posting toddlerfood instead, i guess. but i still welcome request. like the other day mamafynn asked oat-based recipe. i bought 2 books on that (toddler meal). plus, other cookbook with easy peasy recipes for working mom like most of us.

some asked for wantan recipe. thousand apologies for the delay. nevertheless, here goes..
note af caution - this was prepared by my husband, i am merely conveying his recipe since he's not in the mood to post the recipe himself

isi udang - mince finely
isi ayam - mince finely
garlic - mince finely
white pepper
daun sup - mince finely
a bit of corn-flour
sesame oil
kulit wantan
a small bowl of water

step by step
- mix all ingredient except kulit wantan and water.
- shape into small ball and place on kulit wantan.
- trace a bit of water along the edges of kulit wantan.
- shape/bungkus in anyway you like as long as isi tak keluar.

1. make sure the ingredients tak lembap, else kulit wantan koyak.
2. since i feel it's a bit hard for me to explain how we bungkus the thing, you can check this site for alternative wrapping-style.
3. isi wantan can be made from canned-sardin+big onion. just make sure the canned-sardin is well drained.
4. wantan can also be frozen. i'm not sure the max duration but we kept for about a week in the freezer and they still tasted as just-prepared.

selamat mencuba!

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ibuVouge said...

oh my dear ummi
thank you very much
this year we eat rice less esp nite mmg selalu mengunjung web ummi untuk recipe