Wednesday, May 10, 2006

pasta spirali with tuna flake

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finally. i am logged in. is blogspot is having a problem or what? semalam takleh nak login langsung.

anyway. as working mom, i, at times, am torn between wanting to prepare good meals (in the case of weekdays, it's dinner) for mdh and the kids and to just relax after a long day in the office. i am blessed with a husband who cooks as well as not being too cerewet about meal. i know some husbands expect a full spread of nasi, sayur and 2-3 lauk for dinner. even for fulltime housewife, if you have small kids, it is quite,.. well,.. challenging i guess (i am not one so i dont really know, i just guess). and for me who, on the average, reached home at about 7-730 p.m. every working day - that is a big challenge.

anyway. i begged my husband to let me practise my limited culinary skill last night. so, our dinner was PASTA SPIRALI with TUNA FLAKE. (he later add TUNA OMELETTE SANDWICH).

- Spiral pasta (boiled as instruced on packaging)
- Garlic (slice thinly)
- Yellow onion (cut into small cubes)
- Pasta sauce (i used preggo's traditional sauce)
- Mushroom (slice/dice)
- Tuna in water (flake)
- Mix vege
- Salt
- Rosemary

- sautee garlic and onion until sweat. (jgn sampai naik kaler coklat)
- add pasta sauce. add water if too thick. leave to simmer a bit
- add pasta
- add mushroom and mix vege
- add salt and a bit of rosemary
- add tuna flake
- mix well
- serve hot
Note: Add chili if you like.


mardhiah12 said...

kak tie, nak tanya yg worchestiere sauce (betul ke dak eja). kalau tak bubuh dgn chichken chop tak pe ker? since kat rumah tak ada benda tu, rupanya camne pun tak nah tgk, hehe

ummi said...

pasal ejaan tu tak leh komen sbb akak pun tak sure he he.
nak bubuh ke tak puuunnn tak leh komen. sbb baru 1st time buat, mmg ikut sebijik sebijun resepi tu.
dia geng2 kicap/sos jugak. ada macam2 cap - contohnya lea&perrin. yang penting amik yang ada cop halal...

mardhiah12 said...

ooo kalau lumur kicap, ok ke? ataupun oyster sauce much more appropriate sbb lebih likat? rasa worchestiere sauce tu camne ek? rasa kicap ker?

yatipruzz said...

spiralli ngan tuna flakes ni nampak lazat...a must try recipe!

Anonymous said...

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