Sunday, January 14, 2007

Eating In vs Eating Out

It used to be such a ceremony when we ate at home. It was like a celebration in a way. Reason being, we rarely ate home. Likewise celebration, it is done once in a while only. We don't celebrate everything everyday, right. Things changed when we got older and have more kids. It is no longer economical to feast outside plus, at home we need not worry where Iman roams. We can still enjoy our meals when he does that. The other reason - it is better for our health. Note - we still eat outside but minimally.

I always got the impression that cooking will take a lot of our time as opposed to eating outside. It's true but somehow we are managing ourselves better. Somehow, for some reason I cannot explain, we now have better time management, our home is much more neater and cleaner. I even mop the house 2-3 times a week. I can get up earlier and I feel much heathier and energetic (plus, I take ELKEN spirulina and drink a lot of water). I rarely have bundles of laundry sitting on the couch like I used to. You really have to try this out (eating in or ELKEN).

By venturing into this, there's a lot that we've learnt and there's more to come, undoubtedly. We explore new recipes, new ways of cooking. We asked around and been told of hows, whats and wheres pertaining to cooking. And that is one of the reason why my inlaws packed us such a huge bundle of beef during recent Eidul Adha (hence, the Daging No49 and Murtabak. Murtabak has been 2 weekends in a row already!)

We hope to get ourselves an oven so we can move into baking and roasting and explore into break, buns and cakes in future.

Anyway, I'm sharing 3 recipes (refer to my 3 recent posts before this one). Please note that I don't write the quantity. This is something hard when you use your opinion and calculated everything based on experience and gut-feeling.

Despite that, I hope you can still enjoy what we share here.


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nizzAy said...

it's my first time here,well actually i try to find fish fillet's recipe..
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