Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pau Kacang Merah


9.35 a.m. – Began careful mixing of ingredients while thinking what to do with Nurul Athirah to entertain her other than breaking promises to go round-round petang nanti since it rains almost everyday late afternoon. Berpeluh wei, the recipe says kneading should take about 10 minutes, at least. Memula buat kat counter-top, then went down on the floor then went up back when Iman started to showed interest in what I was doing.

9.45 a.m.
– Kneading ended. Decided to bring Kakak and Iman to Jusco. Told mdh, in English. Kakak was getting curious at the word Jusco (our official language at home is Bahasa Melayu with heavy accent from the east-coast, English is used as secret codes) and demanded explanation. Told her about the plan but we were not going until I’m done with my pau thingy. Divided the big dough into small balls. Uneven tho. I was tensed inbetween Kakak’s interrogations and my curiosity on how well will the yeast react.

10.00 a.m.
– The dough was well rested I guess, so I started to press them flat and put the filling and shaped them back into balls. Placed them on tracing papers which was unevenly cut. (I was tensed, she kept on asking me when we were actually leaving for Jusco).

10.30 a.m.
– Prepared the steamer.

10.40 a.m. – Steamed first batch. Kakak was getting upset and impatient. I had to pretend I was busy preparing for the outing. I paced around with a backpack while she paced around alongside me.

10.50 a.m.
– Voila, my first effort in doing pau. Bangganya hatiku bila pau kembang gebu dan menawan. At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore with Kakak. I just left the other batch, covered with damp towel and left for Jusco. Bring along 2 sampels to taste and received good comments from mdh and Kakak.

1.00 p.m. – Came back from Jusco. Full stomach from the lunch we had in Johnny’s. Kakak got herself a storybook ‘Barbie – 12 Dancing Princesses’ and Iman ‘Dance Along with Baby Mumble’ (Happy Feet – but he says it as happy tits…. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngehh..). But look at my dough… uwaaaa…… they became overly fluffy and grew so big that they stuck together. Even Kakak said, ‘macam bungalah ummi’. Yarrighttt Athirah, you are among the contributors that caused them so big. I think they even resembles cleavage in some ways, don’t you think? But I steamed them anyway.

3.00 p.m. – Done eating all pau. In total we ate 10 pau that day.

OFI (Opportunity for Improvement)

1. I need to mash the filling more finely and put a little bit more sugar and … the great ‘nnesang kerek’

2. Do not leave your uncooked pau unattended for a longggg time, they’ll act funny and turn out funny


1. Does yeast makes you fart more?

2. Can I use a mixer to do the kneading? If so, which ‘pemutar’ should I use? I’m sure it’s not the thing that resembles a whisker, right. Is it the thing that looks like spring tu ke? Can somebody tell me?

Btw, the recipe is here..
:: PAU KACANG MERAH (it goes in 2 parts: i. The filling ii. The dough)


1. Red beans – 2 or 3 handfuls
2. Sugar – 6 tablespoon (I used 4 tablespoon + ¼ nnesang kerek)
3. Cooking oil – just a bit

4. Water


- Soak red beans, preferably overnight. Wash clean and put in a pot.
- Add water and boil until tender.

- Add sugar and nnesang kerek.

- When the water recede, add a bit of cooking oil and continue cooking until the water dries off.

- Mash finely.



1. Wheat flour – 500gm (I used tepung pau from Blue Key)

2. Dry yeast – 1 ½ teaspoon

3. Corn oil – ¼ cup

4. Sugar – ½ cup
5. Warm water – 1 ½ cup


- Mix flour, yeast and corn oil in a bowl.

- Dilute sugar in warm water.
- Add water into flour-mix bit by bit.
- Knead into a dough. (Approximately 10 minutes) and divide into small balls. Leave to rest for 10 minutes.
- Roll flat the balls and put in the filling.

- Roll back into a shape of a ball and place them on tracing paper.
- Leave to rest for 40 minutes under damp towel. They’ll double the size.
- Steam for 10 minutes.


yatipruzz said...

hoho saya pon guna tepung blue key. senangkan ade detail step by steps. tips MIL, jgn tambah air last min. tambah tepung last min takper. Air kena terus pandai budget. Knead ngan mixer bergulung2 tu pon bley. tapi saya husband yg tlg uli, siap dicampak & dilempar2 lagi hehe. Saya taknah wat inti kacang, saya wat inti daging/ayam ngan kaya

ummi said...

yati ~ husband akak lak tolong tengok dan tolong makan. takpe takpe.. bab kuih2 ni bahagian akak. dia tukang masak nasi ngan lauk. tapi tu lah, berpeluh weii..

myjulieyana said...

uhh.. kena try jugak nih sementara pengukus sedara still ada kat rumah..

kalau nak buat inti ayam/daging camana ek? kak tie ada resepi tak? kalu yati baca, yati postla resepi inti tu eh..

ummi said...

julie ~ errr.. belilah pengukus satu. bukannya mahal sangat. lainlah kalau beli cap hebat2 tu. boleh kukus pau, boleh buat bread pudding, boleh kukus roti yang dah nak expired. yati, akak pun nak tau jugak. man of the house demand nak inti daging lah pulak..

kaklong said...


saya rasa untuk inti daging atau ayam, mcm kita buat inti karipap.

kalau anak suka makan inti kaya, boleh buat sendiri atau beli kaya segera kat kedai tu..sonang baitu hehe

uja said...

ummi, nnesang kerek tu ape?
saya ni salah satu antara ribuan peminat blog ummi ni hehehe. thanx for sharing recipes here ya.

suka la baca tulisan ummi(ummimon's life & pancake life).mcm baca magazine je.tak yah beli pa&ma.haha nih puji bole dpt pau ke?

kt ofis nti katakan 'assalamualaikum' kt puan sikulat ye.

ummi said...

kaklong ~ saya tak pernah buat karipap! heh.. heh.. tanpa segan silu mengaku.

uja ~ nnesang kerek tu actually gula kelapa yang keras tu. in trengganuspeak 'nnesang' means nisan (manisan) and 'kerek' tu lebih kurang cam gegelang lah. other usage for the words - kerek telaga. telaga kan dibuat dengan that cylindrical thing stack onto one another. takpe, nnt akak post gambarnya.

suka baca? sila kan. just a rambling of a mother yang huru hara sekali hidupnya! kalau nak pau, meh dtg rumah.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the recipe and great comments! I am obsessed with red bean pau, and I am going to try and make them tomorrow. Peace and yum yum!

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