Sunday, January 14, 2007

Murtabak Daging & Kari Ayam Sempoi

We had these for today's breakfast. Easy yet tasty. The murtabak filling, specially prepared by mdh the night before. We didn't prepare the skin tho, we used the instant one instead. I don't know about KL but in mdh's hometown, it can be easily purchased. We intend to do it ourselves in future. So, if you know how, please share it with us.

I prepared the Kari Sempoi, to be eaten with Murtabak. I used chicken fillet and instant coconut milk aje.
So, here goes the recipe

1. Murtabak skin
2. Beef - minced finely
3. A bulb of onion - diced
4. Coriander leave - minced
5. Kurma powder
6. Salt, sugar & pepper to taste
7. A bit of water
8. Garlic - minced
9. Egg

- Mix beef with kurma powder, set aside
- Heat oil in a pan/wok
- Fry garlic until fragrant
- Add beef and fry for a while
- Add water and let the beef to soften
- Add diced-onion and coriance leave - mix well
- Add salt, sugar and pepper to taste
- Leave to cook
- Set aside to cool a bit.
- Break egg into the mixture, mix well
- Set in the skin and fold to cover
- Fry with just a little oil until fully cook

1. Chicken fillet - diced
2. Bawang kisar
3. Chilli boh
(Mix 1,2 and 3. Set aside)
4. Rempah-4-sekawan (cinnamon stick, cardamom, star anise and clove)
5. Salt and nnesang to taste (Nnesang ->gula kelapa or known as nisan kerek)
6. Asam keping
7. Santan
8. A bit of water

- Heat oil in a wok/pan/pot
- Fry rempah-4-sekawan till fragrant
- Add chicken, fry for a little while
- Add water and let to simmer
- Add santan and let to boil. Stir occasionally
- Add salt, nnesang and asam keping
- Let to boil until cooked


yatipruzz said...

my mil pandai buat murtabak, roti canai dan seangkatan dgnnye. saya penah tgk dia buat, agak leceh,kena ade skill, tp mmg lagi sedap dr mamak nyer!

filling tu, slalu mak campur rempah kari+kurma. Same goes kalo dia buat filling karipap/pizza/bun..mesti campur dua rempah tuh

kulit murtabak ade instant ke? tak tahu pon hoho

farradasmiley said...

kak, ada kulit murtabak instant ker? mana nk cari tu?

ummi said...

farra - kulit tu akak beli kat trengganu. kat sinun tu macamm macammm adaaaaa. fresh from the pan lagi. ari tu tengok kat area rumah cam ada kedai jual such thing tp akak tak singgah pulak. takpe, nanti akak check lagi.