Sunday, January 14, 2007

Steamed Fish

1. Whole fish - cleaned, dried and cut in such a way that it 'lies' down (as seen in TV or magazine)
2. Garlic - slice thinly
3. Ginger - slice thinly
4. Juice of a limau nipis
5. Coriander leaves + onion spring - chopped coarsely
6. Tomato - slice thickly
7. Nampla (fish sauce)

- Prepare steamer
- Put fish in a dish and add all ingredients except tomato
- Steam for 15-20 minutes
- Tutup api, add tomato and close back the lid, leave for 5 minutes or until tomato soften

We didn't get to buy ikan kerapu as we wish. (Ikan siakap, which was available, is not suitable for steaming since it has one kind of smell and taste. But it's good for frying) And guess what we used yesterday? Dory fillet! (Originally bought to be batter-fried and eaten with potato wedges) It was so-so lahh. But it would be a whole lot better with kerapu I think!


uja said...

kak,tumpang tanye ikan dori tu sedap ke? dulu teringin nk beli tp not sure how it taste.

-uja kawan sikulat-

ummi said...

uja kawan sikulat ~ pasal rasa ni susah nak describe. the best example i can give is that kalau kita order fish n chip, the fillet selalunya dory. kalau nak buat pan-grill or batter-fry, okaylah. kalau buat steam, better stick to siakap i think.

yatipruzz said...

nak sibuk gak...dory sedap saya suke. isi dia putih bersih. goreng begitu shj pon ok. sy slalu goreng sweet sour balut tepung, buh dlm spaghetti.

Leena said...

Good words.