Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kepak Ayam McCormick

Nak makan chicken wings yang sedap dan senang dibuat? Do it like me, Mc Cormick style. Apa tak senangnya, marinate aje, then goreng :P

For that packet (kecik aje packetnya), I marinated 14 wings. Since I did the marinating on Sunday and was not sure when I can goreng it during weekdays, and since I don't need 14 wings at one go here's what I did: -
1. Keep them in covered container. In each container, I put 7 wings, just enough as accompaniment with Nasi Goreng or Bihun Goreng.
2. Keep them in freezer.
3. Kalau agak-agak nak makan the next day, turunkan masuk fridge belah bawah. By the time balik kerja, already thaw and ready for frying.

Btw, it also comes in original (the one shown here is 'garlic & herbs' version). We have tried both and both sedap. To our tekak lah.

It says (at the back of packet), to roast/bake/grill the wings but since I do not have the oven to roast or bake and neither do I want to berasap-asap grilling on stove-top, just goreng then. Api kecil je ye puan-puan. Sila tutup kuali agar lebih sedap dan ayam tak kering.

Nota: -
For other McCormick spice, seasonings and recipe, refer here.

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